Bigger on the Inside?

Blue Police Call Box on Earth pavement
Blue Police Call Box on Earth pavement

Blue Police Call Box on Earth pavementYou’ve probably imagined stepping off of an urban street, through the open doorway of a blue phone booth …into a time-and-space-traveling control room with a pulsating Presence all its own.

But have you ever imagined BEING that resourceful, mysterious, pulsating Presence, yourself?

What if YOU are actually bigger on the inside? 

What if you are a gateway to unseen dimensions, to alternate endings, to places and times only you can explore and affect?

“Nonsense!” you say. Okay… sure. 

There are certainly times when it’s impossible to trust we truly are “bigger on the inside.” But just because you forget your own vastness, doesn’t mean it’s non-existent.

Tell me you’ve never felt so vast as to contain everything-and-nothing; so untapped in your true potential you feel dangerously unexplored.

Even when you’re sure that vastness is your true identity, it can almost feel unsafe or blasphemous to interact as a mere human.

Even the Doctor needs friendship

Without the Doctor’s recruits, the pain of his uniqueness in the universe would draw him into a black hole. Company uplifts him enough so he can travel.

High-quality company, though. A compassionate person who’s firmly grounded in a particular place and time.

Perhaps Earthly companions are vital for both the Doctor and the Tardis to keep their bearings in the vastness of time and space. To keep our hero from spinning out.

After all, without adventurers willing to enter into mystery, the Tardis might as well be a phone booth of unsurprising dimensions.

It’s Your Call

With no traveling buddy, no interested companion, it’s easy to think of ourselves as uninteresting — a plot device in someone else’s show, a green screen others project onto. Just a facade with nothing beyond the portal. At worst: a timescape in ruins – no worlds old or new.

I know there’s more to you than meets the eye.

I know how to straddle worlds, and I know you can, too.

Even if it feels like you house an empty, sucking void, remember: black holes contain multitudes.

Blue Police Call Box on Earth pavement

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