Rational Hearts

Workaholism, heartache, analysis paralysis, or zero issues…

Your perspective can completely change by tomorrow!

…but will it last?

You've got your own wisdom.
It just takes sorting out...

In the right company,

  • you sound as smart as you are.
  • fresh perspectives arise naturally.
  • better ideas occur to you unbidden.

High-quality, low-risk, clean, clear connection:

Let’s hop on a Zoom call
and have a nourishing conversation
(not the small-talk you avoid like the plague.)

After two such virtual coffees,
we tailor a package to your situation
just for you,
and you take it into consideration.

I only propose stuff I can back with my
100% satisfaction guarantee.

(Yes, even breakthroughs.)

No teaching or preaching.
No diagnoses or prescriptions, ever.

Just transparent, high-traction, responsive human connection.


coffee #1

  • Virtual coffee #1
    is 20 minutes,
    and has been said
    to do wonders on its own.

  • No fee.
    No upsale.
    No strings attached.


Coffee #2

  • Virtual coffee #2
    could be 20 minutes,
    in which case
    it's the same as #1.
  • Optional:

    10 minutes extra for sussing out
    whether or not there is
    a part of your journey that
    would be easier for you
    with accompaniment from me.
6 great conversations
$ 690 Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Six conversations can be
    all it takes to get to where you've always wanted to be,
    a firm foundation for shame-free, blame-free ways to change your luck in life.

  • As goal-oriented as you want,
    as informal/structured as you like.

  • Completely bespoke:

    Typically six 1-h calls,
    examples of other tailoring options include a hyper-focused daylong intensive or a dozen shorter check-ins.

@ coffee #2

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