Rational Hearts

For men of science who want better chemistry.

You love the women in your life.
You want them to be happy.

But when they talk, it's overwhelming.
Like there's just...

too many

Even if you

  • are good at troubleshooting complex problems,
  • have a degree in systems thinking, and
  • practice meditation regularly,

it’s hard to respond in real-time when your own thoughts and reactions are lost in the blur.

Sometimes you think it’s you…

Sometimes you’re sure it’s her…

But what if it's neither?

what if
just being around people
affects you neurologically?

Is this you:

You avoid
party banter.

You prefer to
see for yourself.

You figure things out
on your own.

You think
about ethics.

You don't "wear
rose-colored glasses."

Your interests aren't
at all mainstream.

Hi. I'm Bree.

If you’re good at logic and puzzles, but find people exhausting, I want to reassure you: you’re in the right place.

I will never tell you to “get a grip” on your nihilism, “cry out” your despair, or “describe a childhood memory.” Nor would I ever coax you into changing behaviors or believing in affirmations. —Yuck!

I’m no coach.
I’m no therapist.
I’m just someone who knows: great minds can track a lot of truth, and get bogged down by it all.

I am a tri-national, polymath autodidact with a degree in Applied Laboratory Science from the Netherlands. Zoom is my lab nowadays, but make no mistake: clients are not specimens. They are fellow researchers.

If you want to feel equally smart in emotionally challenging situations as you do when you’re “in the zone” at work, I invite you to enjoy my blog, and hire me when you’re actually ready for that shift.

Blogging meanwhile,

Wanna see my manifesto on
how smarts can isolate you
…and what can be done?

It should arrive immmediately.
I’m curious what you think!