Rational Hearts

For men of science who want better chemistry.

You've been burned by love
and need your next relationship to go well.

The world is longing for you...

there's... just...

too many variables

You’re busy discerning signal from noise.
Your own thoughts and reactions get in the way of responding in real time.

What does
“just be yourself”
even mean?!

EVEN IF you have

  • a degree in systems thinking,
  • a meditation practice, AND
  • a lot of experience troubleshooting complex problems under pressure…

Your neurology is still being affected by others’.

some might even say you're "too smart for your own good"

Few friends follow your dark, dry, quick wit.

All too often, you’re misunderstood.

You confuse ‘experts,’
distrust ‘healers,’
and avoid ‘coaching’ types who

  • pep you up,
  • let you down,
  • and then blame you for not “visualizing success.”

No thanks!

…and besides: what’d be the point?

Common advice doesn’t work on you.

You’re uncommon.

Is this you?

You avoid
party banter.

You base your ideas
on observation.

You figure things out
on your own.

You think
about ethics.

You don't "wear
rose-colored glasses."

Your uniqueness
also isolates you.

The world needs guys like you!

And it’s kind of a bummer this isn’t how everybody works….

you aren't yourself in crowds.

Relationships seem to start at a frustratingly “superficial” stage.
Maybe because going too far, too fast,
can lead to repeated crash-and-burns… but…

Having to feign normalcy
makes you crash and burn.

So… what comes first, right?!
The chicken or the egg?

Hi. I'm Bree.

I’ve always been sought out by fellow scientists –mostly polymath men– who tell me hardly anyone understands them (or can banter with their dark side) like I do.

If you often feel “unfit for human consumption” at showtime… it’s unlikely you make a lot of appointments, so I don’t expect you to book a free Zoom with me.

Maybe you’ll let me support your tender heart over email?

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