Rational Hearts

For men of science who want better chemistry.

Conviviality without comparison.

Fun without friction.

All day long, you solve problems.

You come home to unwind.

Maybe kill some monsters…
make art… be loved.

You don’t want analysis, coaching, or advice.

And even if you did:

Common advice doesn’t work for you.

You’re uncommon.

Is this you?

You avoid
party banter.

You base your ideas
on observation.

You figure things out
on your own.

You think
about ethics.

You don't "wear
rose-colored glasses."

Your uniqueness
also isolates you.

Hi. I'm Bree.

I’m sought out for meaningful, animated, fun conversation.
Many are relieved that I’m a trained scientist, as well.

Some hire me so they can make a big decision out loud.
Others so they can vent and realize they do make perfect sense underneath it all.

When asked to coach or advise, I share anecdotes that reveal my own learning curves and humiliation. It helps.

If you cringe at small talk, too,
I’d love to meet you.

You've got your own wisdom.
It just takes sorting out.

My confidence is founded in 17 years of experience
helping thousands of people make sense and de-stress
in conversations that affect life for the better in lasting ways.

No fee.
No upsale.
No strings attached.

No fee/strings, either, just a relaxed
structure for sussing out whether or not
you’d like to hire me as a confidante someday.


Unleash your sincerity.
I welcome your concerns, questions, or plain-spoken feedback.

    Optional: Smart-guy Pet-peeve Justification eZine. (Your info won't be shared. Ever.)

    If you’re thinking:

    ‘That’s all good and well,
    but she doesn’t know me.
    She can’t possibly get me,’

    I commend your caution!

    Book a quick-and-painless,
    no-strings-attached conversation and judge for yourself. On the house.