“It’s not that bad. I should be fine.”

You may be heartbroken, but you’re not broken-broken. You don’t need to be fixed or changed. You just want touch. Love. Recognition. To meet someone and be fully met, right here, where you are.

It’s exhausting to keep on at it. You’re beginning to wonder what’d have to change for you to get different results. But you’re too smart to pay for advice. And you’re not about to let some stranger analyze you or your dreams. And blaming your parents, or the position of the planets or whatever, is just not your style.

Anyway, probably nothing’s wrong. That’s just a suspicion that creeps over you some of the time. Other times you’re convinced that your heart is perfectly rational. Complex, but rational. I think you’re onto something there!!! It sucks to be misunderstood and unrecognized!!

Life’s such a roller-coaster…
But when you’ve got someone who ‘gets’ you, it’s actually fun.

I wanna ask your permission to just gift you what I’m offering, but maybe first we should make sure it’s actually meant for you. Shall we?