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“Secret Admirer” vs. “Stalker”

As a support-person to smart, sensitive men, many of whom “just want someone to love,” I’ve had multiple clients who want my help sussing out whether they can stay someone’s secret admirer indefinitely. They feared that revelation might be the end of them –or at least of their self-respect. “Better to stay a secret admirer, than be mistaken for a stalker,” the majority said. In my opinion, that’s impossible. A

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When others’ happiness leaves you sad

Others’ happiness “shouldn’t” deprive you of yours… but darned if it doesn’t remind you of what’s missing! At times it’s impossible not to be envious, jealous, or sad at a reminder of what you’ve lost. “What happened?” you reason… Maybe you were doing okay before, suddenly, tears sprang up at the sight of some ad or another. Or you saw a real-life couple and tried to “be happy for them.”

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