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Bigger on the Inside?

You’ve probably imagined stepping off of an urban street, through the open doorway of a blue phone booth …into a time-and-space-traveling control room with a pulsating Presence all its own. But have you ever imagined BEING that resourceful, mysterious, pulsating Presence, yourself? What if YOU are actually bigger on the inside?  What if you are

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How to Refer the Guy Who Knows Everything

This is the last post in a series on how frustrating it can be for cheerleader types wanting to ‘help’ a smart guy who doesn’t actually want help/feel helpable/believe that respectful, fun help is available. Even if you’re convinced that I’m a good (non-help-y word that better describes my services anyways) conversation partner for him,

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Labeling Smart Guys ‘Clueless’ Makes It So

If you have a smart guy in your life who won’t disclose much about feelings, or thinks he has that under control, thank you very much, it’s possible you’re too worried for his taste. But it’s equally possible you’re a total mind-reader, you know him better than he knows himself, and you are doing your

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