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An old rendition of the "Get Out of Jail Free" card from Monopoly.

How to Evade Difficult Conversations   

In a previous post, I shared “Deer-in-the-Headlights – A Poem About Overwhelm” and promised you, among other things, a way to escape futile conversations with a “Get out of Jail, Free” card. True to my word, at the bottom of today’s post, you’ll find an instantaneously downloadable “Get out of Jail, Free” card you can quote or print out to help you politely evade immobilizing exchanges. I think your past,

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After You “Lose Your Cool”

Sure, we all lose our cool at times, but don’t you just hate looking back on a situation and wondering: “WHAT HAPPENED?! I wasn’t gonna DO that anymore! I did that #$%* THING AGAIN!! I’m hopeless!” Maybe you said the thing that you know sets your partner off. Part of you flew off the handle in a rage. Part of you froze into place petrifiedly watching it all unfold like

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The anxious emoticon sucking air in through its teeth. (To empathize with the reader's response to an emotional partner demanding conversation.)

Just before those darned headlights

The poem “Deer-in-the-Headlights” was an imagined internal experience of the scenario I describe below. Today, I want to look at the externals: what a video camera would record. Just so we can pretend we’re on the same page. Let’s say you’re in the kitchen, talking with your partner while the hood vent is on, so there’s some white noise. You aren’t leading or directing the conversation. You mostly listen and

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