Rational Hearts

You don’t want therapy.
You want more pleasure
…and less nagging.
You want what you signed up for
when your girlfriend moved in.
She wants couples counseling…
but you’re not excited to pay some Ph.D. to get you to
  • apologize for every little thing,
  • reassure your girlfriend you love her, and
  • discuss emotions that feel unreal to you

No thanks!

So your relationship is at an impasse.

You don’t want to talk about talking.
She insists something’s gotta give.

This is non-trivial data.

If you don’t do something,
she’ll call you “aloof,” or worse:
“a loner”

…and you know where that leads.

Conversation shouldn't be stressful

You're a Lover,
Not a Fighter

Have you tried anything designed by and for
technical, logical men

who prefer not to discuss feelings?

If you’ve assumed that doesn’t exist,

this is your lucky day.

Over 15 years ago, an ingenious renegade taught me exactly how to support his, my own, and other scientists’ development –specifically that of the parts of the brain that are capable of

  • weighing thoughts without obeying/ignoring them,
  • making sense of stimuli and responses in real time, and
  • staying authentic while interacting with people wisely and effectively.

It’s an instantly-gratifying, technically satisfying, 3-phase discovery process meant to help you reclaim your identity as a calm, collected guy… with heart.

After experiencing this approach JUST ONCE,
the mind gains a vantage point with
traction and detachment,
passion and neutrality.

Proper integration can help you be your best self
every time
you’re in a situation that’s even remotely similar to

one that used to “set you off.”

Best of all, it’s not a ‘behavioral’ change.
You don’t have to rehearse in the mirror,
or remember to apply sleazy ‘tips and tricks.’

You come by your integrity honestly.

boy who's clearly comfortable cuddling his huge dog in the sunshine

Apply your innate technical abilities
and love of precision to

dismantle a mood bomb
$ 780 Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Take back control of your mood.
  • Find relief, even if you're a man of few words.
  • Stay true to who you are deep down.

  • Within just 48 hours:
  • Map your pain.
  • Melt it away.
  • Choose your own metrics. Start noticing change.

  • That's right: 2 days with yours truly.
    (Not necessarily consecutive ones.)

    No teaching.
    No preaching.
    No affirmations.

    No bull:
  • It's not hypnosis. You're fully in charge.
  • No need to disclose any secrets/gossip or revisit the past.
  • Instant relief without "he-said, she-said."

  • It's unlike coaching or therapy.
    It's more like instantly gratifying research.

    When you & I co-design your bespoke trajectory, you receive:
  • Immediate access to a system for direct-messaging me.
  • Tools to help you get the most out of our time.
  • A care package I mail to you myself.
  • 2 days of my care and attention over Zoom.
  • The option to record our meetings.
  • 9 weeks of optional follow-up calls.
  • Feedback calls to ensure you're happy.
  • Tangible, real effects on your life.
  • My 100% satisfaction guarantee on a specific result we define together before we even begin.

Will be
$990 in 2025


Hesitation is Healthy

If you’re on the fence
for any of the following reasons,

That’s right.

I’m warning you now:

if any of the following are an issue,
it isn’t gonna work out.

  1. If you’ve had uninduced, realistic hallucinations or you are taking anti-psychotic medication, my approach won’t work for your brain.

  2. If you’re not willing/able to scratch all responsibilities whatsoever (the way you would if you were laid up “sick as a dog” in bed) for both the duration of our sessions and –in the case of all-day sessions– the 24 HOURS FOLLOWING.

  3. If you are so eager to start/stop/plan changes to any important relationships, that it can’t wait 30 days, please don’t start our deeper work until after. It’s not wise to make big decisions while our work is integrating, and it takes at least that long. This is about looking out for #1: you.

  4. Addictive behaviors and bonds to substances/fantasies/behaviors are WELCOME here, and even “crushing on your facilitator” is normal, as a phase in finding true love for yourself.

    Unwanted relationship with me is, however, not okay: if you think you might consider seeking me out physically without invitation, sober or otherwise, I would rather refer you to someone you feel no risk of this happening with, so you don’t end up suddenly without support after you’ve invested in it.

  5. If you do not feel okay enough with email, Zoom, or text to use those as routine means of communication, do not feel able to buy/make space to save local recordings to your own device (if that’s your learning style), or are not comupter-savvy enough to upload pictures to my user-friendly app, sorry: this is not for you.

In contrast to couple counseling,
your relationship is NOT my client:
you are.

I only work one-on-one.
It helps your relationships,
but I just support you.



I am not a therapist.

Nowadays, good psychologists and psychiatrists
-- even social workers --
often have waitlists.

Arguably, spots with these professionals should perhaps be reserved for those of us who are willing to be diagnosed with whatever diagnosis your insurance company requires in order to cover the
50 minutes/week that'd afford you.


For self-diagnosed 'high-functioning' highly technical guys, I have seen the results of just 2 days of

$ Dismantle a
mood bomb

to be equivalent to
5 MONTHS of weekly therapy sessions
-- without requiring any discussion of diagnoses, trauma, or the past.

  • You save $1800 with only
    3 installments of $260
    = $780 instead of $2580 in
    5 monthly installments of $500+ or $120 per 50-minute session.

  • Faster, more tangible relief that's both technically satisfying to do, and less dependent on verbal skills.

  • Satisfaction, guaranteed.

Zero-Pressure Sales Call

When your moods are beyond your own control, it can be daunting to schedule any appointments at all.


When you meet with me, I DON’T expect you to be

  • ‘ready,’
  • hopeful, or
  • in a good mood.

I expect you to reluctantly describe how frustrating it is to have good advice get you get bad results, to the point you wanna tear your hair out. I expect you to be ‘treading water’ so to speak; trying to keep an even keel for dear life.

No Fixing/Changing/Advising

Now, or ever. You have your own wisdom. It just takes sorting out.

Our first call is just to get a rough idea of what it’s like to be you when a mood-bomb goes off. (Yours, or someone else’s.)

No  Sales Pressure?  –Really?


I listen. I check that I’m following you exectly. We get clear together.

About 20 minutes in, I invite 1 minute of stillness. You can use that to notice whether my presence has desirable effects on you, and you trust your gut enough to ask what I think is possible for you, specifically, on the very short term I offer guarantees on.

If you come out of the silence inquiring about next steps, we’d have 8-9 minutes left to look at

  • what exact results I am willing to guarantee you,
  • what kind of time-line those are feasible on,
  • scheduling a 1-hour Orientation Call to answer any remaining questions and prepare for your 2-day intensive — or whetever bespoke plan we came up with together in this Zero-Pressure Sales Call.

This is your invitation to life...

You don’t have to stay stuck or scared
or ‘suck it up.’

Shoot me a private message through my GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant app –no download necessary.

There, you can find self-paced preparation courses
designed for autodidacts like yourself!

Don’t believe me?
That’s healthy skepticism!

How ’bout you check out my take on
why smarts can be so isolating?

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