Who the Hell Is Bree?

My research career started at Harvard’s cancer research center, then Fred Hutchinson, and includes Amsterdam’s Radionuclide Center. The ALT DNA-repair findings from my years at Dana Farber got published in a renowned science rag, yadda, yadda.

My personal touch didn’t matter there.

Even in the most prestigious labs, tissue samples were the only variable permitted. I had to reproducibly poke, prod, and sacrifice one thing for the chance of helping another with extracted, abstracted data. Scientific discovery is a noble but incredibly tedious, boring process. Our entire job is to be a non-variable.

My burning curiosity towards life, and how it works, was forced to focus on illness, rather than on the amazing context: life itself. Sure, every day people are rescued or improved through chemistry, but personally?

I’m glad I escaped the lab.

The way I engage with fellow technologists, researchers, and scientists nowadays, gives scientific relevance to inter-personal “chemistry!”

Let’s face it. Real life is messy and there are no negative controls. We’re all ‘variables.’ It can boggle the mind.

But the living, breathing smarty-pants’ who allow me to assist in their visceral thought experiments produce consistent results without anything feeling like mere protocol! I transfer resilient communication skills to my clients through mutually, instantly, and lastingly gratifying experiences. Less technical people have said I teach love “by osmosis.” 🙂

Transferable Skills

What if you were able to handle ANY social setting well, because you truly knew what it means to “be yourself” …and how to feel great about your impact?

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