Rational Hearts

climbing out

of isolation,
or heartache,
or a stigmatizing situation

can be harrowing to do alone.

If you keep asking “why me”
you’ve got the shudda-cudda-wuddas.

are great coping mechanisms.
Okay band-aids.

But chronic coping is an exercise in futility.

Your neurons actually need support
in order to fire in harmony.

What if I told you
your critical-analytical, rational mind 
is key to your true identity and happiness?
Time alone doesn’t heal all wounds.
If you want relief ‘yesterday,’ you know what I’m talking about.
How much does ‘hoping and coping’ actually cost you?
If you don’t need therapy
and you’re not into faith healing,
this is for you.

Vacation from

$ 660 3rd $330 optional.

Comes with 2 months of interaction with me
on an optional stat-tracking app.

  • No preaching.
    No teaching.
    No guided visualizations.

    Just us measuring
    what's real for you.


    One text,
    one question,
    one word at a time.

  • 1 day to map the pain.
    2nd day: it melts away.


    Ten 80-minute sessions.


I’m SO confident you’ll be blown away by your results,
I offer a money-back guarantee.

This is your invitation to life...

You don’t have to stay stuck or scared
or ‘suck it up.’

Shoot me an email, or connect with me live.

First coffee’s on me.

Don’t believe me?
That’s healthy skepticism!

How ’bout you get to know me over time?

Check out my take on
why smarts can be so isolating:



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    Who the Hell Is Bree?

    With a Dutch degree in Life Sciences, I had springboarded off’ Amsterdam’s Radionuclide Center to Harvard’s Cancer Research Center, Dana-Farber, then to Fred Hutchinson’s micro-chimerism and auto-immune research labs. Nucleic Acid Research published my work on Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres,
    yadda, yadda.

    Scientific discovery can be a noble pursuit…
    but it’s incredibly tedious and unrewarding as an actual minute-by-minute process.

    Sure, lives are saved and improved through chemistry every day, but personally?

    I’m glad I escaped the lab.

    The way I engage with fellow technologists, researchers, and scientists nowadays gives scientific relevance to the lay term “inter-personal chemistry.”

    Somatic thought experiments can produce consistent results.
    Without feeling like mere protocol.

    And if you are, like me, uncomfortable without protocol, I’d be happy to reference my humanistic, scientific, peer-reviewed methodologies, so you can tell exactly what I’m doing, and the decades of solid science it’s based in.

    What it comes down to: I’ve done my own work, so I can be unhurried in witnessing yours.

    Aack!?! Cancel Culture!

    What if you were able to handle ANY social setting well, because you truly knew what it means to “be yourself” moment-to-moment…

    Even after a misstep?

    Where you’ve been alone, may you have warmth.
    Where you have had pain, may you have companionship.
    Where you have rejected yourself, may you have someone who lovingly understands, yet does not claim to know you better than you know yourself.

    Let me crawl in the hole with you.
    I’m serious.
    Try something new.

    Click here if you’re curious about my philosophy, or here to see some results!