Rational Hearts

“I love talking with Bree. We’re very different people – I’m introverted, shy, and sometimes shut down, and she can be very outgoing and outspoken – and she consistently meets our differences by communicating transparently about her own experience, inviting me to give her feedback and adapting to it, and actively and compassionately seeking to understand my experience.

“Our meetings have provided me a rare opportunity to experimentally speak my full truth, which has been valuable practice that I have seen enrich my other relationships. It’s been a pleasure to learn and grow with her.”

Adrian E.

“Bree is intelligent and intuitive, and easy to talk to.”

I.P., Artist, Seattle

“Bree, my debt to you is great.

This book would not have happened
without you sometimes guiding
and sometimes herding me
to complete it!

Ron Ellison, Illusions of Permanence

“I’m such an introvert that all the covid lockdowns were no hardship for me. People usually exhaust me. But it’s different with you.

With most people, I’m ready for a nap after about 10 minutes of conversation. But an hour with you goes by so fast I don’t even notice time passing.

You’re funny, smart and wise, and so easy to talk to that I’m energized and not exhausted, even when we talk about my least favourite topic: me!”

T. Nemeth, ADHD Coach

A ‘Hail Mary’ Pass

“For a decade, I did not have close personal relations. It was like:

‘I don’t care! This is hopeless! Forget it!’

“This has been the hugest turn-around.”

Roger Byrd, retired Massage Therapist

“Thanks for helping me through a difficult period when I was laid off. Your approach… impressed not only me, but all the employers I sought to work for.

I now work with the firm of my choice, and I know it is the right fit. Pragmatically speaking I’m making a healthy salary. Plus I’m ecstatic to work with a team of people who share many of my visions and work diligently to make them real.

We did this together, Bree.

Thanks for standing by me all the while and encouraging me through every step.”

Brad K.

“I’m a big-bandwidth person, and so I’m often afraid of overwhelming people.
What I appreciate about you, Bree, is that you are “big enough.”
I feel like I can be met by you.
You can meet me.
I can be as big, or as much, of “me” as I NEED to be, and you can meet me.
I don’t have to be nervous about “OMG, I have to say only 10% of who I am” for fear of overwhelming you.”

K.W. Portland, OR

Often, just hearing yourself sum up where you’re basically ‘at’ right now
and clarifying where you want to be
— just finding the words —
is its own liberation

you’re really
understood and delighted in

by someone who gets you.

If you’re thinking:
‘That’s all good and well, but she doesn’t know me. She can’t possibly get me,’
I commend your caution!

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