Any of this sound familiar?

πŸ™„ You take a deep breath, and open the door to your boss’ office… You hate having to sit, shake a paw, and beg. An odd version of you handles the threat.
Recovering afterwards, you marvel: ‘Why can’t they just let me do my job?!’

πŸ™„ You’re happy enough in your relationship, but you must’ve missed an invisible (read: emotional) deadline. Red Alert! This can’t be your fault, right?!
‘Is this how it ends? WTF! Is it even salvageable?’

πŸ™„ Your eyes must have glazed over. She was talking in circles (which you’re used to). But now all of a sudden she wants something β€”from you.
Aah! What do I do???? How to extricate with minimal collateral damage?’

πŸ™„ A harmless remark goes sideways over text. “Just kidding” somehow made it worse. It was tiny! Insignificant.
You dodge their call and focus on something else. Something you can win at.

This is for you if

πŸ˜‰ you’re an agnostic, atheist, cynical, or downright iconoclastic guy.
πŸ˜‰ you’re misunderstood, understated, technical.
πŸ˜‰ you’re either outshone by those around you to the degree that you don’t feel very smart,
or a “smart-aleck” who is so high-functioning that people can’t even tell how fast you run circles around ’em.

As long as

πŸ’‘ you value the scientific method: observe, hypothesize, test, repeat.
πŸ’‘ you prefer to figure stuff out for yourself in a way that saves face.
πŸ’‘ you enjoy low-risk thought experiments. A.k.a. NOT being nagged/coaxed/told what to do!

If that’s you, by all means: help yourself to my free e-book.

Of course, you’re welcome to disagree with my point of view.
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