Rational Hearts


can make you re-experience
every insult,
every jab, 
all you’ve ever suffered,

Your thoughts circle around “WHY?!”
and shudda-cudda-wuddas.

all leave you empty inside.

Even images of happiness hurt your brain…

But what if I told you
your critical-analytical, rational mind 
can actually help you
recover your true self?
To hell with time heals all wounds.”
You’re in pain RIGHT NOW, 
And you need relief right now.
I guarantee you real relief
from heartache on day 2.
Sure, it takes more time and effort to make it last,
but right now you need to know what’s possible.
High time to stop banging your head against a wall.

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

Nothing is too intense.
We’ll see you through this. Together.
Taking a vacation from heartache will help you feel a lot less like a valliant victim of fate, or an imploding black hole.


$ 660 3rd $330 optional.

It takes 1 day to map this pain.
2nd day: it melts away.
6 weeks with an app to integrate.


Shorter sessions sprinkled throughout 2 months.
Track stats and progress with a private app.

  • No preaching.
    No teaching.
    No guided visualizations.

    Just you measuring
    what's real for you.

    It can be that simple:

    one text,
    one question,
    one word at a time.

Pay what
you can

I’m SO confident you’ll be blown away by your results,
I offer a money-back guarantee.

This is your invitation to life...

you don’t have to stay stuck or scared or ‘suck it up.’
Use email, or connect with me live.

I have 10 questions
nobody ever thought to ask you.
It’s about how they’re asked
With a little help, your heart can ripen the
innate confidence (NOT HOPE)
and realism (NOT DESPAIR)
that you know has to be experiential and real, to work.
Stop running on fumes.
On dreams.
On hope…
and wondering why the pit of despair is still there.
Come home from heartache.
Recalibrate yourself
In TWO DAYS flat.
No more shame.
Just map the pain.

Second day: it melts away.

Because of how technical I get with the questions that come next.

Price below the testimonial carousel.

Not so sure?
No problem.

Have some instant gratification.
Let me send you my take
on why smarts can be so isolating:



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