You’re fine. Really. Except maybe when…

πŸ™„ Her eyebrows are up. She’s mimicing patience.
Your heart stops: ‘She wants something… from… what? me…?! How to minimize collateral damage?
Aah! What do I do???

πŸ™„ You’re widowed or single by some other fluke.
How to reach for what you want, not be seen as a creep, face down ageism, new dating protocols & Covid…?

πŸ™„ You have growing affections for someone you kinda rely on.
You don’t want to screw it up.

πŸ™„ She likes to talk. You’re a good listener. Perfect. Until it’s not.
When she talks about you, to you… how to stop the blame game? Shrug it off?
Walk away? Or double down? Are there other options, please?

πŸ™„ Your hippy chick loved you just the way you are.
So what’s with their secret mission to change you 5 months in — or more importantly:
How to nip that unworkable dynamic in the bud?

πŸ™„ Considering what life has thrown at you, you turned out great.
Maybe you were lucky in many ways, but still. You should get to feel proud of yourself.
So why is humiliation so sudden, and so debilitating?

My stuff is for smart guys:

πŸ’‘ you like to figure stuff out for yourself in ways that save face.
πŸ’‘ you value the scientific method: observe, hypothesize, test, repeat.
πŸ’‘ you like to “see it before you believe it” A.k.a. NOT being nagged/coaxed/told what to do.

You’ll get a lot out of this, especially if

πŸ˜‰ you’re cynical, iconoclastic, or just allergic to ‘outside experts.’
πŸ˜‰ you’re understated… technical… misunderstood.
πŸ˜‰ you run cirlces around most people, or, conversely,
attract such brilliant companions that you feel dull by comparison.

If that’s you, by all means: help yourself to my free e-book.

Of course, you’re welcome to disagree with my point of view.
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