Rational Hearts

You don’t need therapy.
You’re just getting less pleasure (and more nagging)
than you signed up for
in living with a girlfriend.
You’re not excited to pay some Ph.D. to get you to
  • discuss feelings
  • declare ‘I love you’ to your girlfriend, or
  • apologize for really small stuff

No thanks!

But if you don’t do something,
you risk being called “aloof” or “a loner”
…and you know where that leads.

Making your point shouldn't be stressful

You're a Lover,
Not a Fighter

Have you tried anything designed by and for technical, logical people
who prefer not to discuss feelings
and for whom outside advice often flops?

If you had assumed nothing like that exists,
this is your lucky day.

Have you tried anything designed by and for technical,
logical people

who prefer not to discuss feelings?

If you’ve assumed that doesn’t exist,
this is your lucky day.

This highly technical, spatial, step-by-step approach supports the parts of the brain involved in

  • observing thoughts neutrally (without either obeying or discounting them entirely)
  • making sense of emotions in real time,
  • spontaneously interacting with people effectively.

Use your technical mind to

dismantle a mood bomb
$ 780 Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Take back control of your mood.
  • Find relief, even if you're a man of few words.
  • Stay true to who you are deep down.

  • Within just 48 hours:
  • Map your pain.
  • Melt it away.
  • Choose your own metrics. Start noticing change.

  • That's right: 2 days with yours truly.
    (Not necessarily consecutive ones.)

    No teaching.
    No preaching.
    No affirmations.

    No bull:
  • It's not hypnosis. You're fully in charge.
  • No need to disclose any secrets/gossip or revisit the past.
  • Instant relief without "he-said, she-said."

  • It's unlike coaching or therapy.
    It's more like instantly gratifying research.

    You'll receive:
  • Immediate access to a system for direct-messaging me.
  • Tools to help you get the most out of our time.
  • A care package I mail to you myself.
  • 2 days of my care and attention over Zoom.
  • The option to record our meetings.
  • 9 weeks of optional follow-up calls.
  • Feedback calls to ensure you're happy.
  • Tangible, real effects on your life.

  • You can explore the support system and direct message me right now -- No purchase required.
    And even once you pay, you get

  • My 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Will be
$990 in 2025

After using this highly effective, technically satisfying approach ONCE,
the mind gains a vantage point has both traction and detachment, passion and neutrality
every time similar situations arise.

Best of all: it’s not a behavioral change.

It’s an instantly gratifying, 3-phase discovery process.
A reclamation of your identity as a calm, collected guy… with heart.


My approach relies specifically on the part of the brain that helps you distinguish between truth and fiction.

IT DOES NOT WORK for folx with a history of realistic hallucination, even if you take medication meant to prevent such episodes. I send Big Love to those of us navigating life with that particular gift/ability/stigma.

I'm not a therapist.

Psychologists often have waitlists, and should arguably be saved for those of us who are willing to get the diagnoses that insurance companies require in order to cover the pay-as-you-go, no-timeline, hourly rate.

For the rest of us,

$ Dismantle a
mood bomb

gets results equivalent to
(or better than) 5 MONTHS of weekly one-on-one therapy sessions
in just 2 DAYS
-- without any need to disclose diagnoses, trauma, or the past.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Faster, tangible relief that's just as real, and less 'fluffy.'

  • You save $1800 by paying only $780 instead of $120/week for 22 weeks.

  • Direct message me right away for

This is your invitation to life...

You don’t have to stay stuck or scared
or ‘suck it up.’

Shoot me a private message, or connect with me live.

Don’t believe me?
That’s healthy skepticism!

How ’bout you check out my take on
why smarts can be so isolating:



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