Rational Hearts

We hop on a Zoom call. 

We have a nourishing conversation, not the small-talk you avoid like the plague. 

You’ll see how it really is possible to connect without bullshit or jargon. How it really is possible to forge a caring connection with a woman who’s not your girlfriend or your sister. Someone who doesn’t tell you what to do, pretending she knows you better than you know yourself.

I treat you like the adult you are, relating to you in the way you need to be related to. 

No diagnoses or prescriptions. No teaching or preaching. No ridicule or silent treatments.

Just genuine, honest, real, authentic connection – free of the superficiality of social situations, the weight of work relationships, or the distracting dangers of dinner, dancing, and dates. 

In the safety of a Zoom room, you can explore what’s bothered you when you’ve tried to make this kind of connection in the past, and get what you needed right then, right now. Through exploration within a controlled environment, you actually gain the requisite skills to find the lasting love you’ve always wanted. 

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