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Odd Odds for the Odd Man Out

If your IQ sets you apart by making you waaaaay less interested in mundane topics than most folks, that can be tremendously isolating. Or if the intensity with which you engage outshines/outpaces/outdoes that of others, that can be isolating, too… But probably the most isolating side-effect of big brainz is your potential. Living with more Odd Odds for the Odd Man Out

Being a Man is Demanding

As a boy, you had your work cut out for you. You knew what to aspire to in becoming a man. Then suddenly you’re in a relationship with a woman, and she wants something completely different! Grade Expectations What society expects you to be as a man (the go-getter, the competent, the problem-solver… all this Being a Man is Demanding

I Will Follow You…

Ever danced with a partner who wanted to lead, even though that was your job? It doesn’t work. It’s like having a conversation with someone who thinks you need to be nagged, when you’re already hard enough on yourself, by yourself! Most guys shut down or seclude in this situation. And women don’t get it, I Will Follow You…