Rational Hearts

time Alone


When you lie awake questioning a choice
that you can’t seem to accept having made, 
you know you won’t just “let it go.”

Or when your friends are all avatars of themselves
and you crawl into bed restless and without hugs,
you know you’re just coping.

Shrugging it off, numbing it out, and sucking it up
may have worked well enough for now.

But chronic coping feels futile.

And you’re right.

It’s why all the stuff you’ve tried so far hasn’t done the trick:
’cause you’re smart.

You know better than to trust a guided visualization, a fortune cookie, or outside advice more than your own mind!

‘Hoping and coping’
comes at a cost.

Powerful minds actually crave recognition and engagement,
not soothing and distraction.

I’ve seen first-hand that certain minds don’t respond well to being “tuned out” or “turned off”
through visualizations, distractions, or otherwise.

Trying to override, dismiss, or “undo”
a powerful mind is counter-productive.
It dissents.

Instead, I help you fully engage your analytical intelligence.

My clients surprise themselves with how much emotionally, socially, and physically smarter it makes them!

You don’t have to change a thing
to make perfect, rational sense.

If you don’t want therapy,
and you’re not into pep-talks or faith healing,
this could save you a bundle — of money and nerves.
$ (Silimar services charge $120
for just 55 minute sessions!)
  • My 2-day special:

  • Saves you $1,500-$2,200.

  • Fits 5 months of sessions
    into 2 days of immediate relief.

  • Spends 1/6 as much time on "hi, how are you..."

Unlock your heart using your mind. Take a

Vacation from heartache
$ 660-990 Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Become true to yourself,
  • Find relief beyond words, and
  • Welcome love home
    during two days of my undivided attention:
  • 1st day: map the pain.
  • 2nd day: it melts away.

  • No teaching.
    No preaching.

    No affirmations.

    No bull:
  • It's not hypnosis. You're fully in charge.
  • No need to disclose any secrets/gossip.
  • Instant relief without "he-said, she-said."

  • ...It's not just a vacation. NINE WEEKS of support:
  • A care package I mail to you myself.
  • Prompts for your own independent
    research so you're truly ready to begin.
  • Private messaging with me.
  • Your own personal app to track stats.
  • Private feedback calls to ensure you're happy.
  • The option to record our meetings.
  • Daily small group support calls for 9 weeks.
  • A 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee from Day 1.


I’m SO confident you’ll be blown away by your results on day 1,
I offer a money-back guarantee.

This is your invitation to life...

You don’t have to stay stuck or scared
or ‘suck it up.’

Shoot me an email, or connect with me live.

First coffee’s on me.

Don’t believe me?
That’s healthy skepticism!

How ’bout you check out my take on
why smarts can be so isolating, first?



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