Rational Hearts

You don’t want therapy.
You want what you signed up for
when your girlfriend moved in:
more pleasure
(and less nagging.)
She wants couples counseling…
but you’re not excited to pay some Ph.D. to get you to
  • apologize for every little thing,
  • reassure your girlfriend you love her, and
  • discuss emotions that feel unreal to you

No thanks!

TALKING ABOUT TALKING feels circuitous. Like a trap.

But she keeps on saying “we need to talk.”

This won’t last.

If you don’t do something,
she’ll call you “aloof,” or worse:
“a loner”

…and that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Conversation shouldn't be stressful

You're a Lover,
Not a Fighter

If couples therapy just feels like a high-stakes blame-game,
it’s hard to participate in good faith.

You want something different,
because you’re different.

Advice that works for most other people
has actually been harmful for you.

You would rather describe objects’ relative positions and rate of travel through space and time than talk about emotions.

Ever wish there were a non-therapy, quick fix
designed by and for someone as logical as you,
using technical skills you already have?


If you’ve assumed that doesn’t exist…
this is your lucky day.

Society’s expectations on boys to be/act certain ways are unsustainably stressful. Even boys who know that have no choice but to override parts of their essence, just to get along in such a society.

Ironically, you grow up and get a girlfriend, and she wants the exact opposite.

But constantly having to override certain instincts has taken certain parts of your brain all but completely ‘offline.’ Parts that house your innate ability to

  • make sense of emotional stimuli and responses in real time,
  • accurately predict and understand emotions, and
  • communicate sincerely, kindly, and effectively.

It’s ironic, but it’s not funny.

The good news is: you can relax and enjoy a quick and logical process to bring those parts of the brain ‘back online.’

If you like being right, you’ll love this. I have a unique way of dignifying your indignance, honoring your shame, and accompanying your aloneness by embracing your first-hand report of physiological, not psychological reactions. Even numbness is sensible and sense-able. This helps hidden emotions lose their charge and stop coming out sideways in your life.

It’s unbelievably effective. Soon it will be taught to therapists and make its way into school curriculae, but it’s already needed here and now.

My own, my colleagues’, and my clients’ sudden return to fuller aliveness is both reproducible and optional: once these parts of the brain come back online, you become at choice as to when to they’re ‘on/off,’ so

  • you can keep feeling more yourself, more capable, and more free than ever,
  • you can opt for auto-pilot for whatever period you deem best in any given situation.

Being around people could suddenly become
far more interesting and rewarding…

Sure would be nice to know how to ‘just be yourself!’

Wouldn’t that make life less baffling, tedious, and scary?

Make all your goals a lot easier to reach?

This is not
‘behavioral change.’

You neither rehearse lines, nor apply ‘tips and tricks.’

boy who's clearly comfortable cuddling his huge dog in the sunshine

It’s about using your strengths:

We start with a technical description of your first-hand experience of what happens.

Because of the predictability and authenticity with which I ask about certain exact details,
you can describe utter aloneness while experiencing its opposite, and
get unexpected access to higher levels of intelligence

You end up ceasing to be at odds with yourself, and
finally taste what it’s like to be your best, deepest self, despite it all.

And after those conversations with me — and this is REALLY paradoxical —
situations that used to “set you off”
can actually grant you access to the calm, collected mindset you recognize as your true self.

All thanks to neuroplasticity, which is ageless!

Relationships are a lot less like minefields
once you’re unafraid of sudden ‘explosions.’

Apply your innate technical abilities
and love of precision to

dismantle a mood bomb
$ 780 Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Take back control of your mood.
  • Find relief, even if you're a man of few words.
  • Stay true to who you are deep down.

  • Within just 48 hours:
  • Map your pain.
  • Melt it away.
  • Choose your own metrics. Start noticing change.

  • That's right: 2 days with yours truly.

    (Optional: you can space them out further.)

    No teaching.
    No preaching.
    No affirmations.

    No bull:
  • It's not hypnosis. You're fully in charge.
  • No need to disclose any secrets/gossip or revisit the past.
  • Instant relief without "he-said, she-said."

  • It's unlike coaching or therapy.
    It's more like instantly gratifying research for "the cure."

    To help you dismantle a mood-bomb, you receive:
  • Immediate access to a system for direct-messaging me.
  • A care package I send you myself.
  • Tools to prepare you for the rapid traction ahead.
  • A thumbdrive to record our meetings on.
  • 2 days of my undivided attention through Zoom.
  • Documentation of our findings.
  • Measurable improvement in your quality of life.
  • 36 near-daily support calls.
  • My 100% satisfaction guarantee on a specific result we define together before we even begin.

Will be
$990 in 2025



I don't talk to your girlfriend.

I only care about your experience.



Hesitation is Healthy

If you’re on the fence
for any of the following reasons,

That’s right.

I’m warning you now:

if any of the following are an issue,
it isn’t gonna work out.

  1. If you have been (or might get) prescribed anti-psychotic medication, my approach sadly won’t work for your brain.


  2. If you can’t wait 30 days to start/end an important relationship… contact me after you make your move.


  3. If you are uncomfortable/suspicious of Zoom, Chrome, email, or automated text reminders, this won’t work: those are my routine means of communication.

  4. If you’re not comupter-savvy enough to, for example, navigate a menu in an app, this is not for you.

  5. If you might seek out my address, personal info, or otherwise make a claim on me, look for a different practitioner now.  “Crushing” can be an a-okay phase in learning true love of yourself, but if you think it might actually become about me, for real, don’t get invested in the first place.


Nowadays, psychologists, psychiatrists
and social workers
often have waitlists.

Arguably, it may be a morality issue to take up a slot with these professionals rather than leave it available to someone who is willing to submit to insurance companies' limit of 45-50 minutes/week and their requirement of a diagnosis to qualify for coverage.


For self-diagnosed 'high-functioning' highly technical guys, I have seen results equivalent to
5 MONTHS of weekly therapy

$ Dismantle a
mood bomb

--And I don't diagnose trauma
or get into your past.

  • Therapists can't possibly offer any satisfaction guaratnees.
    I guarantee specific results.

  • No agonizing wait-and-see week-to-week.
    Just instantaneously tangible relief.
    4.5 months faster.

  • Therapy costs at least $120 per session per week = $2580, but you only pay me
    3 installments of $260.
    You save $1800.

Zero-Pressure Sales Call

It can be daunting to schedule anything at all if you’re unsure what mood you’ll be in.


You DON’T have to be

  • ‘ready,’
  • hopeful, or
  • in a good mood.

In fact, guys in your situation are usually exhausted from using any pep you can muster just to survive.

No Fixing/Changing/Advising

You have your own wisdom.
It just takes sorting out.

I’m actually curious, in a very healing way, about what it’s like to be you when a mood-bomb goes off.

(Yours, or someone else’s.)

Zero  Sales Pressure?  –Really?


I listen.
I check that I’m following you exactly.
We get clear together.

About 20 minutes in, I invite 1 minute of stillness. You can use that to notice whether you actually want to keep talking.

With 8-9 minutes left, we could to look at

  • what exact results I am willing to guarantee you,
  • what kind of time-line those are feasible on,
  • what a relaxed, comfortable decision-making process looks like for you.

Not everyone is game for a 2-day intensive: we can schedule another time to discuss tailoring to your schedule. That doesn’t obligate you to follow through.

This is your invitation to life...

You don’t have to stay stuck or scared
or ‘suck it up.’

Shoot me a private message through my self-explanatory,
GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant app
–no download necessary.

Don’t believe me?
That’s healthy skepticism!

How ’bout you check out my take on
why smarts can be so isolating?

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