For smart guys who want more meaningful connections.

Skip the small-talk.
Side-step social status.

The world needs you.

social calculus

The inter-personal chemistry of a so-called “simple” exchange between two people is actually mind-boggling.

How to discern signal/noise, let alone respond in real time? Especially when your own thoughts and reactions factor in, or distract?

Even with a meditation practice, a degree in systems thinking, and experience troubleshooting complex problems, your neurology is affected by that of people around you.

You’re not about to hire a coach to pep you up and let you down, or tell you to “visualize success.”

You won’t pay a so-called expert to just blame your parents and analyze your dreams (or cards or stars or planets or whatever) looking for trauma.

What’s the point, anyway, if “good advice” hasn’t really worked for you?

(Actually, common-sense advice usually doesn’t even seem to apply to you for some reason. Maybe ‘cause you’re pretty uncommon… which is good. But also kinda sucks, since you’d like to believe something will work out for you…)

I get it.

You're smart.

You save face
by figuring things out on your own.

You like the scientific method:
observe, hypothesize, test, iterate.

You "believe it when you see it."
No nagging/coaxing/manipulation.

You’re agnostic, iconoclastic, or just
not big on authority figures.

You’re technically inclined, understated
…and misunderstood.

You have trouble striking up
mutually engaging conversations.

Remember GOOD conversation?

And sometimes,
when you’re talking to someone truly curious and truly open,
you even start understanding yourself better!

Want every conversation
to be a GOOD conversation?

Hi, I'm Bree,

a rogue scientist focusing on what is right & good –but misunderstood– in the modern male mind. I articulate, validate, and reflect the best in men back to them.

Men who assume that “talking” means being “shamed/blamed/fixed” need someone safe to turn to, who gets how smarts become wisdom.

I help you hear you!

'Normal' is overrated.


You’re absolutely not alone in thinking “what the heck!
What did I miss!?
When was I supposed to learn this stuff?”

You’re actually in great company.