Socks Suck the Life Out of You

Factorial puzzle? Jim’s open drawer contains 24 red and 24 black socks. They’re indistinguishable in the dark, but he doesn’t want to wake his girlfriend before dawn. How many socks must Jim take with him to be sure to have at least one pair among them when he gets to a lit room?

Studying odds as a kid, this riddle prompted several solutions. I’d hated socks. (Jim had a brother, but I spiced it up a tad.)

IMO, “fun socks” aren’t fun. The nuisance of matching them up interrupts the contemplation of more actually interesting problems. And THAT’s what a lot of burdensomely large brainz love doing.

At the expense of socks.

Underdressed + Underwhelmed = OVERwhelmed?!?

Anecdotal evidence from coaches of gifted kids tell me: sock issues are actually among the early signs of intellectual giftedness. If only parents knew what to look for!

Auditory signs of extra-bright progeny include:

🙁 “You should be able to do this yourself.”
🙁 “You give up too easily.”
🙁 “Focus! Just focus!”
🙁 “That’s one… now, what’s next…”
🙁 “That’s it! We’re not doing this anymore! I’m laying your clothes out the night before.”

‘Helpless’ behavior past the age of inability (a.k.a. forgetting socks when you know better) can get you labelled ‘forgetful,’ ‘spoiled,’ or ‘entitled,’ but it’s really an issue with expectations.

Stressing while dressing is a “free bonus feature” for any owner of a gray mass that minds the mundane.

Interesting Problems

Like everyone else, you’re likely to be thinking about entirely unrelated things while dressing, because, once you’ve learned to dress, you’re ‘supposed to be able to’ on auto-pilot, right? Move on to more interesting problems?

Interestingly enough: most auto-pilots do do socks, but yours… doesn’t. Anything you think, interrupts another thought.
Dressing interrupts planning.
Planning interrupts dressing.

It’s an either/or.
You’re mono-tasking, with constant interruption.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about!!! Smarty pants simply rarely use the auto-pilot part of the brain!

The only issue lies in assuming you’re using your auto-pilot. Everyone assumes you can. You assume you can. But for the quick-witted, trusting the auto-pilot is actually emotionally draining*, and so it just goes under-utilized. 🙁

*learn why in “Smarts Make It Hard to Connect From the Heart!!!”


Jim? Needs three. Among any 3 socks Jim’ll be sure to have a pair.
Nothing factorial about it. Red herring there, 😛
Did it prompt any memories for you?

I remember being thrilled to have an everyday issue raised at school, so I officially had the time to solve my perennial pedal problem (as well as Jim’s) once and for all. I came up with several ways to avoid having to think about socks ever again, and, as a direct result, have actually enjoyed that part of dressing ever since implementation.

Your life-energy is precious.

You matter.
Your power deserves to flow.

Do you sidestep turmoil through a uniform, too? Got a frustration-free footwear formula or other life-hack you’re willing to share?

It need not knock my socks off! Everything you take even a smidgen of pride in, thrills me!

Please comment! 🙂 ♥

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