Shall I Stay or Shall I Go?

Just because you CAN go out, doesn’t mean you WANT to. Things are “opening up” — so what?

If you, like me, have actually ENJOYED the sensory deprivation of isolation, now is a time of potential overwhelm. Allow me to commiserate by shining a loving light on the procrastination and inhibition that others accuse of “holding you back” or “keeping you isolated.”

What if you had good reason to stay in?

A good reason to stay in might have been “I’m comorbid.” ACK! Totally scary era, right?!!

A good reason to be HAPPY to stay in might have been “I don’t love being close to a bunch of people all the time.”

Let’s break that down:

1) “all the time” is an exaggeration, of course. NOBODY likes THAT. So you say it that way to side-step any arguments about how much is too much, because… it’s personal! It’s irrelevant! You’re looking for understanding, not negotiation!)

2) “a bunch of people” is vague as well, because it’s nobody’s business if for you, two, not three, is a crowd! Again: without admitting it, you’re looking for understanding, and maybe laughter (delight).

3) “I don’t love” means I hate, but you were taught not to talk like that.

You hate. I hate. We all hate. We’re haters. It’s just taboo to talk about it… even if you’re dying for some empathy without having to explain what happens inside when too many people are around.

Truth be told, you wish you could be more comfortable in all of the situations work gets you into, or your sex drive or other whims require pushing through.

“Pushing Through” is Exhausting.

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