Rational Hearts

You don’t need to be fixed or changed. Maybe you’re heartbroken, but you’re not broken-broken! You just need to be held. Seen. Loved. Recognized. To be fully met, right where you are.

What sucks is that trying to meet people is exhasperating. And costly. Tiresome every time.

There’s simply no guarantee it’ll be worth the effort, the risk, the hassle.

But advice doesn’t work for you (or apply to you, usually.) So you’re not about to let some expert analyze your thoughts or dreams and blame your parents or astrology or whatever. That’s not your style.

Anyway, probably nothing’s wrong. That’s just a suspicion that creeps over you some of the time. Other times you’re convinced that your heart is perfectly rational. Complex, but rational. I think you’re onto something there!!!

Life’s such a roller-coaster… 🙁
No fun if you’re lost and alone in the crowd.

I wanna ask your permission to just gift you what I’m offering, but maybe first we should make sure it’s actually meant for you. Shall we?