This can’t be my inaugural blog post…

I guess it is?
It’s really just a placeholder.

Place-holding until I create my first REAL one. (Creating it now!)

If you subscribe, you’ll probably receive it this/next week.
It’ll be a short intro and a picture-link back to here
— so you don’t have to get a video in your inbox — to a short vid.

It might be about how I totally get why many smart guys

  • eye-roll at “self-care”
  • mention climate chaos in response to “amazing weather we’re having, don’t you think?”
  • wonder how long someone else should be allowed to believe you’re engaged when you’re totally not

I hope what I share will be useful to you directly,
or to the guys in your life who do cringe at small talk,
and want to crack its code.

Meanwhile, tell me what you’d like me to write about by subscribing and emailing me,
or add to the comments below, and I’ll take your druthers into consideration!

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