You DON’T have to be
🙄 ‘ready,’
🙄 hopeful, or
🙄 in a good mood
to meet with me.

I totally get that feeling! That’s why I’m here!

To introduce yourself/your situation LIVE sometime,

So far, every smart guy who’s booked has found this call to be a surprisingly effective use of their time. Countless critical thinkers, ranging from verbose to shy, have been calmly thrilled.

“I’m a big-bandwidth person, and so I’m often afraid of overwhelming people.
What I appreciate about you, Bree, is that you are “big enough.”
I feel like I can be met by you.
You can meet me.
I can be as big, or as much, of “me” as I NEED to be, and you can meet me.
I don’t have to be nervous about “OMG, I have to say only 10% of who I am” for fear of overwhelming you.”

K.W. Portland, OR

Only a rare few are in the market for 6 sessions of one-on-one support. You might just opt into the eZine. Either way, I hope you refer ALL the guys I’m here to serve.

No pressure, just an invitation to let yourself


I welcome criticism, doubts, concerns, and questions.

Don’t let a vague sense of doom rule your life. Just use the form.

I truly appreciate you speaking up!

    Optional: Smart-guy Pet-peeve Justification eZine. (Your info won't be shared. Ever.) You'll instantly get an eBook on why “Smarts Make it Hard to Connect from the Heart!!!”

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