You DON’T have to be
🙄 ‘ready,’
🙄 optimistic, or
🙄 in a good mood
to meet with me.

Nobody is! That’s why I’m here!

To introduce yourself/your situation LIVE,

Countless critical thinkers and non-plussed type men have had a one-off conversation with me and were calmly thrilled. Only a rare few purchase anything. I’m fine with that. I’m glad they’re glad.

You’re the ideal messenger to other guys in similar situations. You might tell someone else who does or does not hire me, but trust me: everyone wins.

In my experience, it makes the world a better place; every smart guy who’s booked has found this call to be a VERY effective use of their time.

No pressure, just an invitation to let yourself


I welcome any dissent/doubts/concerns/questions. Totally list them!

I invite you to send them raw and unedited, right now.

Don’t let a vague sense of doom rule your life. Just use the form.

I’ll gladly respond to anything you share here, or live, with care. That’s just how I am.

    This does not put you on my mailing list.
    Nor does it get you the eBook on how smarts make it hard to connect from the heart.

    If you’re wondering why I would give away a perfectly good eBook for free, click ‘send’ (above) and then click here!