You DON’T have to be
šŸ™„ ‘ready,’
šŸ™„ hopeful, or
šŸ™„ in a good mood
when we meet.

You can’t engineer authenticity.

Wanna confide in a someone who does care, but doesn’t meddle?

“You helped me hear me. Right away. I wish I’d done this years ago.”

R.B. Asheville, NC

“I don’t have to be nervous about “OMG, I have to say only 10% of who I am” for fear of overwhelming you.”

K.W. Portland, OR

“Iā€™m energized and not exhausted, even when we talk about my least favourite topic: me!ā€

T. Nemeth, introvert-land

Check out what times might work for you:

Suspicious? Good.

I truly appreciate sincere criticism, doubts, concerns, hesitancy, questions, and plain-spoken feedback. (Hold the sugar!)

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