Rational Hearts

or draining!

Even to sensitive people with a meditation practice, a degree in systems thinking, and experience troubleshooting complex problems,
the inter-personal chemistry of a so-called “simple” exchange between two people is actually mind-boggling.

It’s hard to know where to begin to try discerning data from noise, let alone put it to good use in real time. Especially since your own thoughts and reactions factor in, or distract from, the complex social calculus of intimacy & friendships!

You’re absolutely not alone in thinking “what the heck!
What did I miss!?
When was I supposed to learn this stuff?”

If you’re a smart guy who wants to get to the juicy parts of relationship without burning out on both the small-talk and the more vital, critical conversations, read on.

I get it. Self-help has obvious limits, but you’re not about to hire a coach to pep you up and let you down, or tell you to “visualize success.” And you won’t pay a so-called expert to just blame your parents and analyze your dreams (or cards or stars or planets or whatever) looking for trauma.

What’s the point, anyway, if “good advice” hasn’t really worked for you? (Actually, common-sense advice usually doesn’t even seem to apply to you for some reason. Maybe ‘cause you’re pretty uncommon… which is good. But also kinda sucks, since you’d like to believe something will work out for you…)

I get it!
It’s hard to want to open up but dread what might follow – in a journal or anywhere.


When you know someone is smart enough to track you – all of you – and can help you find words without putting any in your mouth…
That they’re enthusiastic enough about what you actually meant, to take your jokes and moods in stride…
That they aren’t just fabricating all those signs and signals that tell you you’re totally being loved and understood…

Endearment actually unlocks your potential and sets you free to be your authentic self.

It’s amazing!

(And sometimes, when you’re talking to someone who is truly curious and truly open, you even start understanding yourself better.)

Wanna use that confidence
to better navigate your world?

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Is This You?

You’re smart:

💡 you’re agnostic, iconoclastic, or just not big on authority figures.
💡 you’re understated… technically inclined… and misunderstood.
💡 you have trouble striking up mutually engaging conversations:
maybe you feel inarticulate, dull, shy, or you’ve been told you’re “too fast” or “too much.”

We’ll get along great if

😉 you prefer “figuring stuff out for yourself” in ways that save face.
😉 you like the scientific method: observe, hypothesize, test, iterate.
😉 you’re a “see it to believe it” kind of guy and hate being coaxed/nagged/told what to do.

There is a better way to sustain nourishing relationships. Systematically. With way less agonizing.

Work with me and we’ll find your way… together.

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Confidence-building. Confidential.

Hi, I’m Bree.

I’m a rogue scientist focusing on what is right & healthy –but grossly misunderstood– in the modern male mind.

I articulate, validate, and reflect the best in men back to them, because deep connection is the antidote to a culture that isolates and alienates guys from their aliveness.

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How It Works

We hop on a Zoom call.
We have a nourishing conversation, not the small-talk you avoid like the plague.

You see how it really is possible to connect without bullshit or jargon. How it really is possible to forge a caring connection with a woman who’s not your girlfriend. Or your sister.

I treat you like the adult you are, relating to you in the way you need to be related to.

No diagnoses or prescriptions. No teaching or preaching. No ridicule or manipulation.

Just genuine, real, authentic connection – free of the superficiality of social situations, the weight of work/networking, or the distracting dangers of dinner-and-a-dance.

Within the controlled environment of our Zoom room, you can have the insights and ahas that first require complaining, honestly and freely, and being truly understood.

You can actually gain the requisite skills to find the lasting love you’ve always wanted. And plenty more.

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If you’re thinking:
‘That’s all good and well, but she doesn’t know me. She can’t possibly get me,’
I commend your caution!

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I truly appreciate sincere criticism, doubts, concerns, hesitancy, questions, and plain-spoken feedback.
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    Suspicious? Good.

    I truly appreciate sincere criticism, doubts, concerns, hesitancy, questions, and plain-spoken feedback.
    (Hold the sugar!)

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